Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Catching up on Life

Where has all the time gone---it has been way too long since my last post so I will try to catch up.

Since my last post I celebrated my 45th wedding anniversary,  dealt with low pack problems diagnosed as spinal stenosis---having an epidural injection this morning---woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep so taking advantage of some early morning time.  Also celebrated my 66th birthday this past weekend---

 I also went on a trip to Bonaire---husband is a scuba diver---I had a great time soaking up some sun, snorkelling, yoga classes,  eating some great food, visiting a donkey sanctuary ---just to name a few things.
Beautiful water

Outdoor yoga
Donkeys---may have to hook a donkey mat!

I have done a lot of hooking this month---I designed a new paisley rug and almost have it finished---just a tiny bit to do but here is a preview.

 from this

to this!!!

This past weekend our State Line Atha group had our annual retreat at the Tall Oaks conference center.  I worked on my Paisley rug and started a new Pearl Mc Gown pattern called New England Twist---

Here is the beginning of what is a very large rug  41 by 82

I have set myself a goal of doing one swirl a day---so hopefully in 45 days they will all be done leaving me the centers and the diamond shapes between the cables.  Yesterday I did two!!!  Gotta have a few overachieving days to make up for those days when there is no time!!!

A few words about some upcoming camps---I have a couple of openings in my class in Santa Fe in April so if your have been thinking about it---now is the time to check it out.   Let me know if you need information.  Email me at:   anitahooksrugs@yahoo.com

Also I am teaching two workshops here in Kansas City for the guild---it is now open for non-guild members---contact me for information.  There are several spaces in the first weekend in April---Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

No post is complete with pictures of Baxter---now 7 months old and is going to be walking soon.  He is cruising the furniture and standing on his own.

I have started back with home classes this week---so good to have everyone back!

Time to go get ready!

Plan to lay low today and get some more hooking done!  Perhaps I should go tidy up the hooking room before I go.

Happy Groundhog's day!  Hope there is no shadow!!!  But it is raining a lot this morning.


  1. Your paisley design is beautiful !
    And I'm loving the New Englad Twist rug.
    Just gorgeous !

  2. New England Twist is intriguing. Please share follow up photo when finished.

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