Friday, August 26, 2016

Getting ready to leave today to head to the hook-in in Warsaw Mo.

We have had enough rain---yesterday morning I came downstairs after being up most of the night with our dog Fred---and discover that the sump pump had stopped working and had water in the basement again---fortunately hubby was able to get it going again and it seemed to stay on last night---lots of rain and thunder last night again.

Update on surgery---The ultrasound showed inflammation in the right elbow but not the left---they both hurt so not sure and neither showed anything on the EMG, so when the doctor said she  wanted to do both carpal and cubital tunnel surgery on both sides my inner self told me to question her decision.  She said that there was nothing else other that surgery to fix it---hmmm!  Since I am not having the carpal tunnel surgery until the end October i have some time to see what I can find out and do.  Right now I am thinking I will just do the carpal and see what the outcome is...I plan to ice and splint the elbows at night to keep from bending my elbows all night...someone suggested acupuncture to me so might check into that.

Tomorrow when I get home from Warsaw Baxter will be here.  Yeah!!!

A new idea in the studio---pot filler----used my sprayer with a rubber band holding the button in!  Amazed that it did not fly everywhere.

Latest pictures of Baxter---he looks older than 14 months!  What fun we will have!

Off to finish packing.

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  1. good luck with your decision to have surgery
    He is so cute.