Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally a quiet morning to catch up on my blog

I really didn't mean to not post more about Texas for this long but it has been busy around here.  Where has the time gone.  Last Thursday afternoon we headed to the lake...wasn't sure I really wanted to go since I had gotten home late Tuesday afternoon but Doug wanted to go and since he had been here by himself for over a week I caved in and was glad I did.  We had a nice time, I got in some early morning runs, some hooking time on a piece that I am teaching at Teacher's workshop in November, some fishing, some jet skiing...some bad storms about 2 o'clock in the morning that made it feel like the trailer was moving--things were blowing around.  Woke me up but somehow my dear husband just kept sleeping.  We came home on Sunday and I worked on getting things ready for home classes this week, both Monday and Wednesday.  tuesday and Thursday I drew patterns and hit the dye pots.  We had a break in the hot weather yesterday and it was a delightful day with early morning temperatures in the low 60's.  I left the house at 6:20 for an early morning 60 minute run---it was great---and even better I am not sore this morning.  My 10K Plaza run is Sept. 18th---I am getting more confident that I will be ready.

Here is a shot of yesterday's dyeing---estimated at about 22 yards of wool.

Today is another day of dyeing and also have a lady coming today to color plan one of my paisley patterns.

Here are some pictures of my pictorial piece---

This is a picture that I took when I was working on it and struggling with the left side with the sandy bank and the water---I finally decided to eliminate the water on the left side and add more sand as it really is a bit of a cove there...that with some more changes resulted in this.

I still have some more tweaking to do but am happier with the piece.  It is the place where our workshop has been held for the past 6 years at lake Texoma---I plan to donate the piece to the Prothro center for their cross wall.  The lesson will be focused on "skies"----speaking of skies we are having a beautiful sky this morning.

 Almost makes me want to go out and do another run, hmmmmm...maybe I will do a short one.

Okay, I really want to do sue more Texas photos.

Sherry was working on a Be a Brock pattern---this is a fun pattern to color plan---so many possibilities 

 Cathy was working on Susan Quicksall's Crazy Horse rug---the backgrounds are always a challenge on this piece and we were able to get that worked out for her.  See the color code at the top of the rug---if you closely you can see that I colored them in on the rug.

Cyndee was working on Comstock---this is a favorite pattern on mine and hers is going to be beautiful---she was hooking it in a #6 cut.

Carol was hooking another Susan Quicksall rug---I can't take credit for this one---she was trying to get it finished to take to the ATHA biennial in Louisville---I think she will make it---it is beautiful.  We worked mostly on some of the center flowers.

Stephanie was working on a Primco pattern called Early Frost Adaptation---I taught this piece at Teacher's workshop two years ago---a great Primitive Oriental.  good job Stephanie!

This is an Edyth O'Neill design called Tulip Runner.   Georgeanne was wearing many hats during the workshop and didn't get much time to hook, but this is going to be a beautiful runner.  Love it!

That's it for this morning---gotta go!

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  1. Anita ~
    What beautiful wool from your dye pots!
    LOVE all the rugs you've shared.
    Hugs :)