Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great time in Texas

 What a great time I had last week in Texas.  I used to live in the Dallas area so on my way to teach in San Antonio I stopped to visit my good friend Lily, my old next door neighbor.  They say you can't go home again but Lily is sure trying to get me back to Duncanville.  I left early Thursday morning to head to the Riverwalk in San Antonio to teach for the Heart of Texas hookers.    After unloading all my stuff and getting set up, can you say HOT!!!  We went to the Westwood's for a Texas welcome and make your own pizza in an outdoor wood oven.

We rolled out our pizza dough then headed to the table with all the fix ins.  Yummy pizza!

Friday morning the workshop was under way with 17 eager students ready to hook.
we hooked morning, afternoon and night all weekend.  There was a great rug show on Saturday as well as a sale of handmade items by the students.  I didn't get pictures of all my students pieces but I have some to show over the next few days.  On Sunday afternoon at 2 the workshop came to a close and the packing and loading began...I left San Antonio and headed back to Dallas to see Lily again before heading home to unpack again.  The last day I was in Duncanville it was 111 degrees in the shade.  I did get to eat at Pappadeaux's---my favorite restaurant.  Lily and I shared a fish dish.

My almost 30 hours of drive time was occupied by several books on tape---one called Rescue and one called Thursdays at Eight.  Both were an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Okay back to the workshop pictures.

This is Karen's Rabbit---she is putting paisley in the bird's wing and the rabbit's bow, but decided to wait to put it in till the end.  I love the great rich brown background.

This is a M Shaw Folk Art Fruit Basket hooked by Janyth---what a great pineapple!

Melanie hooked this fish, a Spruce Ridge pattern.  It took us a bit to get this fish going the way she wanted but she persevered and it is looking great!!!

Denice was hooking this Mosey and me pattern---we played with the curls on the sheep and decided to go black---check out the sunflower center---sculpted---and the stem is chained.  It was a fun pattern made even more fun with her creativity.

                                                 this view shows the border...

More pictures tomorrow...have a great day!


  1. Anita ~
    What fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Great rugs. See you next week - I'll bring Crazy Horse... should be finished!! (well maybe not the binding...)