Saturday, August 6, 2011

My bags are packed---I'm almost ready to go

Well here it is---almost time to head to Texas.  I am leaving for Texas on Tuesday.  I get to stay with my friend and old neighbor, Lily, on my way to teach in San Antonio.  Early Thursday I will head to teach at
The Angela Pumphrey weekend workshop on the Riverwalk.

I packed my wool in my new Ikea bags and since I wasn't sure exactly how things would fit this time I partially loaded my car on Friday.  The last minute stuff will go in the back and then I'll put the platform on with the tubs and strap them down.  Oh and I guess I'd better make some room for some clothes.  There is always the front passenger seat.

Tonight we are going to friends to cook out and play Bocce ball---if it isn't too hot.  This morning I thought that I would run outside and changed my mind when I opened the door---went to the gym instead and ran on the treadmill and on the upstairs track---yeah air conditioning!  I am planning on running a 10K on Sept. 18th so I need to be increasing my running time if I am going to be ready.  Fortunately they say it is a flat race so it shouldn't kill me.

this is where I spend a lot of time in my house---my dye area in the basement---I have a four burner stove and a two burner hot plate---

Gotta go!

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  1. Anita, Love seeing your dye kitchen. Love the big jar you have your citric acid in and also love the little rack with the ProChem dyes.....mine are in a plastic cart that I have to wheel back and forth from my hooking room to the kitchen.....oh well, not as cute as yours, but it works!