Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday night---home alone

This has been a quiet weekend---hubby is out of town so it is just me and Fred, the dog.  I picked up my race packet today and am planning to be in bed early as I ave to be up about 4:45 in the morning to get ready and drive to the Plaza.  It rained alot today and am hoping it is dry in the morning.  6.24 miles---here I come!!!

I bought a great new carry on bag today at Marshall's---a  Liz Clairborne suggested retail $300 for $59.99.  I liked it because it was lightweight and will look different that all the black bags out there.  I am not checking it as I am already checking two big bags with wool supplies---1 1/2 weeks of clothes will have to fit in my carry-on.

Wool is on it's way to Ohio and has already arrived in Vermont...on I am getting so excited!
Are the leaves turning colors in the East?  I sure hope so---I love fall!

Picture time...

Sorry it sideways---hooked by Carol---taken at the Angela Pumphrey workshop in San Antonio in August.  Happy Fall!

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  1. The wool pumpkins are great. Are you teaching in Ohio and Vermont or just going on vacation?? Hugs Judy