Monday, December 12, 2011

checking in

Well it is a busy time of the year---lots of parties and holiday cheer!
We had our Rug Hooking guild Christmas party on Saturday and I forgot my camera, but I will have pictures thanks to Karen later this week.  Wednesday is my party for my students---I am so looking forward to it.  We will be having a rug show so there will be more pictures to come.

We went to a party last night and have another one on Saturday night---so much fun this time of year.  Our neighborhood Bunco party is next week.

Today has been a day of finding things and losing things.  I found my hooked braided mat which has been missing for some time but unfortunately I lost my earring again---more prayers to St. Anthony---if I don't find it this time I am not replacing it.  Still hopeful, but not holding my breath.  I hope I didn't lose it when I was running this morning.  Between yesterday and today I have run over 11 miles---no way to trace it back!

I am getting excited about my trip to California to see my daughter at Christmas...we are going to be going to Grass Valley, Bodega Bay and Oakland.  I am also going to get to see my sister who will be joining us in Bodega Bay.

I am looking forward to getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow---I am past due!

I am almost finished with my Kilim---just another hour or less of hooking time---planned to do it tonight but got distracted.

I promise some great pictures after the party on Wednesday---looks like the weather is going to cooperate this year---no snow!  yeah!!!!

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