Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where has the time gone

It is hard to believe that two weeks have gone by since I last posted.  Thanksgiving has come and gone---it was a quiet one this year.  Last week my husband and two friends who were newly certified to scuba dive went to Cozumel which left me home alone...I thought I would be able to get so much done but actually I took the opportunity to be lazy and get some much needed down time, so I hooked a lot, watched TV, went for runs, and did whatever I felt like doing.  On Thursday a good friend came to visit and we played some more.  We went to the River Bottoms ( Good Juju and Bottoms Up to name a few) on Friday and did some antique and vintage shopping---we hooked and several nice dinners that I cooked and just enjoyed ourselves some more.  Late Saturday night Doug came home, and it wasn't until after the Chiefs game on Sunday that I finally set myself in motion to get the studio ready for Mondays classes.  Into hight gear and now I think I am back on track.  Lots more to do today for classes tomorrow.  These are my final two home classes for the year as next Wednesday is our end of the year party---a big celebration and fun day---we do a pot luck, show and tell of current projects and a rug show---I'll be posting pictures of their work.

Here is the Kilim that I have been hooking.  I started it at Teacher's workshop in November---it is a #4-6 cut.  I have enjoyed hooked it---hope to finish it before the Party next Wednesday---no promises.

Qashqui, designed by Jane Flynn---this is the first picture that I have seen of it---looking at a digital image is a good way of seeing things you might want to correct and I see a few, but overall am very pleased with it.  Yesterday i was looking on Etsy and there were some wonderful pillows and coasted that were made out of old Kilims being sold by someone in Turkey.  They were really nice and it was interesting to see the colors.  Etsy in a fun way to shop for interesting handmade and vintage items for Christmas.  I found several of my gifts this way.

When I looked out the front door this morning this is what I saw---white stuff!  It is still coming down but very lightly.  I am not a big fan of the white stuff.  The trash can in the neighbors driveway reminds me it is trash day.

Well I guess that is it for this morning---have a happy and healthy week!

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