Monday, March 26, 2012

So much to catch up on and so little time to do it...but here goes.

I left Kansas a week ago last Friday for Texas---what a great week!

The drive to Dallas was grueling---can you say I hate traffic!!!

I got to visit my friend Lily, go shopping, eat at Pappadeaux's, see the bluebonnets---some of my favorite things!

Sunday morning I heard towards Salado for the Yellow Rose Rug Hooking Workshop---it is a beautiful facility with great accommodations, food, directors, and most importantly great students!

The conference center where my class was was top notch with great lighting and lots of space.  I wish that I had taken more pictures but I didn't---you will have to take my word for it or just come check it out for yourself.  I got the room set up in the afternoon and after dinner managed to get some students off to an early start and then finished up  the first round by lunch time on Monday morning.

We spent three long but fun filled days and nights of hooking.  There were lots of fun things thrown into the mix as well---a Monday night boutique, a rug show, the Rancharita's exhibit and sale, a masseuse and many great meals.  I did manage to get my runs in but since it was dark when I went I just ran on the grounds of the facility rather than on the trail.

Here are some pictures of my student's work---

Diane's Early Frost Adaptation sold by House of Price---Diane had to leave early to get back to work but she was able to get her color plan set---it is going to be a great rug!
 Gwynna's Bird's and Pomegrantes---an Edyth O'Neill design---this is the big one!!!  She really got a lot of hooking done
 this is Max's project---Santa's Helpers---designed "the lady"---this is one big project---fortunately we get to work on it again in September at Green Lake---but the cow and goat are coming to life!
 Carol was working on a Bea Brock pattern called Tallavera---she had worked with Bea to develop the color plan for her home---it is going to be a lovely rug!

Sheila worked on two of my Cupboard designs---the first is Pumpkin Vine---she did a great job on the Bittersweet---and then she decided to use the same technique to do The next one---Texas Hill Country.
 And it worked great for the Bluebonnets----can't wait to see this one finished!!!
Barbara worked on this stocking for her granddaughter---be sure and do a close-up to see the subtle sparkles---beautiful.
 Jean was working on a doorstop of her rat terrier "Robert"---we tweaked the pattern some to reflect her dog---sorry but I can't remember the name of the designer---maybe it will come to me.
 Nancy worked on this large sunflower to be made into a pillow---mostly done in a #6 cut.  A painterly approach to flower---great texture in the center of the flower.
 Brenda hooked this "Penny Rug Sunflower" a Primitive Grace pattern, a fun pattern to work out a color plan---she is well on her way to a great version.
 Margaret 's pattern was Emma Lou's Antique Floral---this is going to have a dark background which will really make these flowers pop---lovely teals. golds and roses.
 Melody adapted  this paisley pattern from a fabric---this is going to be a wonderful paisley rug---she is a beautiful hooker and is really bringing this to life.

Audrey was doing a great job on this design by Susan Quicksall---a colorful bunting bird and sculpted berries.
 Charlotte worked on a Paisley design that I did for her---She was using some fun colors---check out the cross cut strip outline on the boteh on the right!

This is Noreen's cat---we were working from pictures of her siamese cats to come up with the colorations ---a fun memory rug of her cats!

Thanks for a great workshop!

I got home early afternoon on Friday---and had to jump into a new mess at the house.  we are having some new wood flooring laid on the main level and the wood that is there refinished so we spent Saturday getting the garage cleaned up so that we can store some of the furniture in there and moving the rest upstairs---which means that  everything on the first floor has to be packed up and moved out.  I got a lot packed up inside on Sunday before going to some friends house to watch KU beat North Carolina---yeah Jayhawks!  

More packing to do today and then tomorrow I hope to get down to the studio---have not put anything away yet!


  1. Welcome home! Glad you were able to take some time off from the floor refinishing project to watch the Jayhawks! I love seeing all the camp rugs. See you soon!

  2. Oh, what beautiful rugs! Wish I could hook.... have never seen classes being offered where I am, but will pay more attention in the future.... would love to create such wonderful items! TFS!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! beautiful projects all, but the paisley from fabric is my favorite one. What talented students!

  4. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a whirlwind week for you.

  5. Those are really nice hooked rugs. From time to time we get some nice ones like that in our rug cleaning plant and there is always a great story behind them. These rugs usually are not just beautiful but they will last for decades when taken care of properly. Thanks for sharing.

    Kevin Pearson