Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where has the week gone

Well this has been a busy week.  Yesterday I finally got all my wool put away in the studio as well as pulling 4 bags full to take to my shop in Greenwood.  I had also cleaned up a bunch of stuff found in the garage and took it to my booth as well.  There were some old windows that I had bought  planning to do something with them but never did, a green feather basket that took up a lot of room, a big stack of old Country Home and Country Living magazines, a brown  painted box--- perfect for a toy box or maybe wool storage???  Here is a picture of the booth when I was finished putting the stuff in.

Here is another view

Today is my youngest daughter Sarah's birthday---Happy Birthday Sarah!  Sarah Pauline---named after my mother Pauline.

It is kinda strange but I kinda like my house rather empty---all the stuff packed up is rather freeing---there are still groupings of furniture waiting to be carried upstairs on Monday.

Today I plan to clean up the studio area in the basement as I am having classes next week and since hubby and Fred, the dog, will be hanging out there next week while they are working on the floors.
I have some rearranging to do---also may be cooking on the stove down there.  The only thing not down there will be a refrigerator----plan to make it accessible in the garage so we'll be set.  Once they start the staining and sealing we will be banished for a few days and plan to head to the lake---but not until I am satisfied with the color.

This is a lot of work, but badly needed.

I am running my first 5 K this year in a couple of weeks---called Rock the Parkway---I am looking forward to it, and have been keeping up with my running---no long distance runs but plenty of 3 milers.

I might even plant some flowers outside today---I'm not much of a gardener but the front planting area looks pretty sad.  Hmmm----what to plant.

All my rugs are rolled up and put away---except for the one over the mantle---will take it down on Sunday.

Workshop alert!!!

I am teaching in Buckeystown Maryland in October and talked to the director this week---there are openings in the camp so if you are looking for a fall workshop check it out---looks like a great setting and the fall color should be wonderful.  The other teachers include Sally Kallin, Judy Carter and Liz Marino---contact me if you need info.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Where in Kansas City is your booth?

    1. My booth is in the Greenwood Mercantile in Greenwood Mo---just east of 291 on 150 Highway. Thanks for asking!

      Two large windows sold today! Yeah!!!