Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on floor

Well, I am still at the lake, but my hubby went home to check on the floor and to put in the baseboard molding he made.  Here is a picture of the new floor.  I can't wait to see it in person---but wait I must until Friday when Fed and I head home.

Everything is covered with dust from the sanding.  I guess that I will be vacuuming the walls and wiping them down.  I do not plan to be in a big hurry to replace the furniture.  I plan to take my time and edit what I have and where to put it.  Everything will need furniture pads---and no rugs on the floor for a that will be a hard one for me.

I do think my orange cupboard from the studio is going to come upstairs.  Here it is downstairs.

I have one upstairs that will go in its place to hold my stuff---oh I am getting excited!

Well it has warmed up a bit and I need to go get my run in---I am running a 5k on Saturday called Rock the Parkway---I am not expecting it to be my finest race---but I am still planning on doing it.  My left knee had a bit of a flare up as well as some pain in my neck with numbness and tingling in my arm and fingers---not good but I have got to keep moving---makes me feel better when I do.  Afterwards I plan to do some crappie fishing at the dock and then some hooking in the trailer.

Here is a teaser of something that I hooked while i was here.

Have a great day!

Oh one other note---I was in a consignment shop in Camdenton Mo yesterday and was checking out and in the glass case was a flatware set for $25---it was the Rogers "Daffodil" pattern that I have that was my mom's---the pattern was introduced in 1950, the year I was born.  It was missing the teaspoons but there were quite a few serving pieces that I do not have as well as knives, forks and soup spoons.


  1. anita i have been reading and loving your blog for along time. wanted to say hi. i love your rugs and all you do. wish i was closer so i could shop in your booth! just may have to plan a field trip for my little group!~i really love love paisly and need some of that wool! enjoy your day!

  2. The floor looks awesome! Can't wait to see it next week. You and Fred have a safe trip home.

  3. Woe! The floors are fantastic. You are almost there. Maybe Fred should wear houseshoes for awhile. Cheryl

  4. Anita ~
    The floor looks wonderful and I LOVE your cupboard ~ and all the paisley in it!
    I was going to say good luck on the race but I am so far behind on my blog reading the race is over. I hope your knee and neck are doing better.
    Pug hugs :)