Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things are coming together

Well it has been a long week...but things are progressing.

The floors are finished---just some wall touch up still being done,  To cover up some of my touch up painting I plan to make a gallery wall of some of my hooked rugs on the wall going up the stairway.  I wil post a picture when I get it done.  The carpet  runner on the stairs is still waiting to be laid next Monday---so I do not want to hang anything until that is finished.

I have the major pieces in place but still need to bring back out the smalls---trying to edit what I put in and plan to take some things to my shop in Greenwood.  I find it hard to part with my "stuff" but stuff is stuff, right?  I am even considering selling some of my hooked pieces...when they are are piled up it is hard to believe there are that many pieces!

This is the family room---fresh flowers from Trader Joes.

The breakfast nook---I moved my dining room table to this area and I love it---we are actually using it!

My dining room is now my sitting room---love my grandmother's desk in the bay window with my laptop---this is where I am sitting right now.  Can't wait to fill the cupboards.

This is my carpet that is going up the middle of my stairs---I know, I could have hooked something, but didn't think it was a good idea with my dog.

I did my race last Saturday---I came in fourth in my age group---missed third by 14 seconds and second my 21 seconds----I should have eaten my wheaties!  It was a bad hair day!

Okay time to get busy---must prepare for the St. Louis Hook-in next weekend---hope to see lots of you there.



  1. Your house looks great Anita!!! I wish I could come see it in person!! Great Job on the run, I can't believe how long your hair is!!!! Can't wait to see you in June!

  2. Looks great! I would be happy to purchase something out of your excess hooked pieces! :)