Sunday, April 1, 2012

NCAA---March Madness

Last night was a great night!!!

Sorry all my Ohio friends, but we sure enjoyed watching the Jayhawks advance to the final game.  Even Fred enjoyed the game...

I guess you know what I'll be watching Monday night.

Tomorrow the "college hunks" are coming to move all our furniture off the main floor---I am teaching class in the morning so I tagged all the pieces with which room that I want them taken to.

Tuesday they will start laying the new floors and by Thursday they will  most likely be sanding the old floors---what a mess it will be but I am looking forward to the results.  We will head to the lake when they start staining and finishing---I guess I will stay there with my dog until it is safe for the dog to be on the floors---he will need a good pedicure for sure!  I will have to be back for classes on the 16th though.  Maybe he could wear booties.

It will be a good excuse for me to get some hooking done.

Hot here in Kansas today.

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