Thursday, June 28, 2012

It is HOT!

It sure is hot here.  I think I must be crazy---today I am going to help my daughter who is going to acid stain the concrete floor in her living room.  There is still prep needing to be done today then tomorrow we will attempt to get the stain applied---it is going to be interesting.

Here is a picture of Cammie at King's pottery where she bought "Thelma"---to see a picture of Thelma go to Cammie's blog---primitivejunky.blogspot

Yesterday I got the wool all put away and am beginning to feel more organized.

Saturday morning I am running in The Color Run---with one of my friends, Carol and her husband and daughter.  Our team name is called Starting out White.  In this run you get colored corn starch throw on you at various mile markers---I plan to try to preserve my tee shirt so I will post a picture of how colorful I get---should be interesting---fortunately this is not a timed event---doing it just for fun.

A few more pictures from Caraway.

This Comstock rug was done by Pam in my class last year---it was good to see it finished.

This is a wedding rug that Deste is doing for her son's wedding in September---she already had it designed and color planned before she got there so it was hooking time that she needed and she got a lot done as well as enjoying her time in the class room---and thanks for the red licorice too!!!

This is Deste's rug from last year---a great little primitive rug.

I bought this piece in the scholarship auction thinking my daughter might like it---but no she doesn't like the color in the leaves---hoping she might change her mind---it was hooked in 1985.  It may end up for sale in my shop in Greenwood.  It is nicely framed.

Well it is time for me to get ready for the drive to Manhattan---Kansas that is.

It is going to be a sweaty day.  Hopefully I will post a picture of a beautiful floor when we are done.


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