Sunday, July 1, 2012


Well the whole floor thing turned out to be brutal---much harder than I ever imagined.  Concrete work is not going to be in my future ever again.  I spent two days working HARD and have the battle scars to prove it---raw skin on both knees, a burn on my left forearm, aching legs and a sore butt and chest---found muscles groups that I didn't know that I had.  I did not do the Color Run and as I could hardly walk yet alone run.

I am feeling some better this morning so thinking I might recover---today is the day she will put the sealer on so we can see how the whole thing is going to look.  There is trim work that will need to be done afterwards---changing the floor thresholds and adding floor trim---still trying to figure out how best to handle that but I know that this will be a job for my husband---I have done my share and he is more of a wood guy.

Here is are a couple of pictures that I took---hard to tell what it will really look like until the sealer goes on so I'll post a picture of that in a few days.

this photo was taken while the residue was still on

This one was taken after we had washed the residue off---many times...the back right corner was already dry---hence the color difference.  I am hope ful that it will look good when finished with an area rug and furniture.

This is a close up of one spot---we like to think of it as artistic...hmmm!

I am really tired of this hot weather---awaiting a cold front!  We are not going to the lake for the fourth--staying home sounds like a much better idea.

Have a happy fourth of July...happy hooking!

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  1. Anita, you can buy knee pads! That would save you a little discomfort. The floor does look good. I think I saw some of your skin on it. Take it easy!