Friday, April 12, 2013

Rock the Parkway

Well the big day is almost here---at 7:30 tomorrow morning I will be Rocking the Parkway---all 13.1 miles of it with my buddy Kelly at my side---it is nice to have a training partner---as Kelly would say, "we got this"---

Can't decide which shoes to wear...actually I am not wearing this shirt---but this is the shirt everyone gets for racing.

I took the opportunity of my rest day before the race to do some hooking...I am not positive that I am totally happy with the start but it is a start...

the first eye

starting some face

pulled out the hair

I think that I am done for the day---ready to fix Chicken and pasta for dinner and hit the sack early!


  1. We beat our goal by 15 seconds---we were aiming for 2 hours 20 minutes and finished in 2:19:45---we rocked the parkway!