Monday, April 22, 2013

This and that

Well I have a little catching up to do so here it goes.

A week ago last Saturday I ran my half marathon in two hours and 19 minutes---the last one I ran was 2 1/2 years ago and I did it in two hours 28 minutes so I was pleased.  Having just ran my half marathon I found the whole Boston marathon bombing very upsetting.  So I decided to sign up for another race last Saturday---I only signed up for the 5K---but was determined to run it as fast as I could.  Fortunately there weren't many hills and my legs had recovered fron the half and I ran the 5K in 26:26---I think the course was 1/10 of a mile short and that would have added about 45 seconds---but it was still better than my previous best 5K of 28:44.  Unfortunately due to my "over exertion"  I had an allergy attack which I have had before called allergy induced rhinitis---no fun---sneezing, watery swollen eyes, and a very runny nose.  It is getting better but not gone.

Yesterday we came to Manhattan to finish up the fence at my daughters house and will head back home today to finish getting ready for the St. Louis hook-in which is this weekend.  My husband has been making some beautiful hook necklaces that he turned on the lathe---(will post a picture soon) which I will have at the hook-in.  Hope to see a lot of people there and hoping for good weather.  Looking forward to a great dinner at Gian-Tony's on the Hill.

Kelly and I running at Rock the Parkway

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