Monday, April 1, 2013

Paisley progress

Well I thought I would post some pictures of the paisley background----last night I hooked the last of the background although I may get tweaked a bit more as I get into the rest of the piece.

Ouch---top of my thumb got a boo boo!

 Progressing---decided I wanted the main motif on the right to have more red

Because it was the same motif as the one above left I had a decision to make---
   As you can see in this picture I changed it to red as well
   These are some of he wools hat I am considering  for face, hair, sweater and chair.

The paisley was hooked in #4 cut for the wools and #6 cut for the actual paisley fabric.

Three Blooms in the frame that my husband made.

This rug is being hooked by Amy---love the hit and miss in the soft colors---I want this rug!!!

Aureta is almost finished with her sunflower rug---just needs to finish the---beautiful!

Still an Kansas fan but now rooting for Wichita State---go Shockers!!!

A week from Saturday is my 1/2  Marathon---I am excited and nervous!  I plan to rock the parkway!!!


  1. Oh my goodness...Your Paisley Rug is "over the top" gorgeous !
    Wow ! The colors are amazing. Beautiful work. ;)

  2. just a gorgeous body of work, Anita ~ it is going to be museum-worthy once you're finished with it!!!
    Thanks for allowing us visits while you work on her :)
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  3. Was your Mom's last name Loux? Interesting that was the last name of my greatgrandmom and is my middle name. My great grandfather came from France.

  4. Hi Lindy---yes her birth name was Loux---family from Luxembourg---she was the youngest of 11. I love that your middle name was Loux---I wish mine was. My husband's middle name is bump which was his mother's maiden name---I had girls and i just couldn't give them Bump as a middle name. My youngest daughter's name is Pauline---named after my mom.

    1. And as you well know no one ever says that name correctly! my initials before marriage were L.L.L.

  5. Anita - the paisley is just gorgeous. Changing that top motif to the red was the right decision in my opinion. I feel so lucky to see be able to see the rug in person and watch it take shape. Sorry about your finger, but every great rug must have blood, sweat and tears! At least the red blends nicely! I am 75% done with the hit and miss rug. Love the couple of new pieces I picked out for it last week at class! I sure hope my friend likes it - I think she will. I may have to make another one for myself! See you next week. Amy (my middle name is Lou - I wish it was Loux!)

  6. Anita!! OMG!! You have done one phenomenal job on your Mom's rug. How incredibly special that she had that picture taken with the paisley behind her and that you have that picture!! Did your family have paisleys when you were growing up?

  7. No I didn't know anything about them until I was hooking in the late 1990's. I grew up in Kansas and don't remember much about "things"---we played outside, went to church and the time I was in first grade Mom was sick and in and out of hospitals---so many memories are vague---but I do know she was a strong woman and helped make me who I am today. I think the photo was taken at a photographer's studio---it is just a little 3 by 4 inch photo.

  8. Such a great and meaningful project, Anita.
    What a treasure plus you are allowing us to learn with you! Proud of you!!!

  9. I think the fact that your Mom had this picture taken with that paisley background behind her makes your work with paisleys even more special and meaningful!