Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dye pots, vintage market, fighting off a cold etc.

I have been in the dye pots yesterday and today catching up on orders and getting ready for some upcoming workshops.  I also straightened the shelves in my wool room :)

Friday I went to the vintage market---here are some of my goodies:

This was already sold but I thought it was a neat idea to make a wine rack out of my old ladder

this was a giant flower frog---that is a dime next to it---it is 7.5 inches side and 3.5 inches tall---it had to come home with me

this was a great pair of suitcases---plan to keep them and take a couple of others ones out to my shop

this is an oily rag can for my son in law---he had just told me he was looking for one when he was here for the wedding---he has been looking for 6 months---and there it was at Bella Patina---I have a very happy son in law!

they also was an ash shovel to clean out their fireplace from an opening outside their house---I found a cute green one for only $6.00

Okay now for a few more wedding pictures---can't wait to get pictures from the photographer.

Here are some of our details
 the cupcake tower before the cupcakes
 Table settings---mismatched china and silver
 the view toward the vineyard

 A view from the rooftop deck
 First dance
 Father /daughter first dance
A quiet moment with mom

Okay that is it for tonite!  Time to go get the wool out of the washer and fix dinner---Anita

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