Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 28, 2014 Sarah and Philip's wedding

Okay here it is---the first peek at the wedding.  The rain stopped and it was a mad dash to go with an outdoor wedding ceremony.  These photos are courtesy of Matt King---my running buddy and friend---Kelly's husband.  I am  looking forward to going through 3000 photos to pick out 400 to edit from our photographer Shawn Bradley.  Giving other credits---kudos to Blue Moon Caterers in Wichita for some great food and wonderful staff, and Joshua May, the DJ who did an amazing job.  The event center Grace Hill provided a beautiful setting for their wedding.

The bride, with her sister and father entering the ceremony

Mom reading a poem to her daughter fighting off tears

 Sarah and Philip saying their "I do's"

the newly married couple

The last of our company left yesterday and I am still in recovery mode---so much more to tell...but right now it is 53 degrees outside and I am going out for a much needed run.


  1. Oh Anita!!! Beautiful!!! Mike and I actually checked the weather at your location that day and it looked "iffy". So happy to see the beautiful blue sky in these photos. Congratulations all around! See you Wednesday.

  2. Anita, Sarah made a beautiful bride and the ceremony looks wonderful! Good job, mother of the bride! Another good memory.