Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy thanksgiving

Just thought it might be interesting to go back through some old pictures looking for pumpkins and turkeys to share...

Taken in California right before my oldest daughter's wedding

Pin cushion made by Jody Aman

Purse hooked by Diane mate from my Pumpkin Pattern hooked into wool.

My turkey Pillow hooked from a Kathy Morton Pattern many years ago!


One of my favorite rugs hooked by Judy Roth at a workshop several years ago.

Turkey hooked by Karen G. at a workshop in Nebraska

Beautiful rug hooked by Martha Lowry from Texas for South Central Teacher's workshop

                                                      Turkey hooked by Lois
                                               Pumpkin Vine Cupboard Pattern of mine hooked by me!
Another great turkey---not sure who hooked this one

Fun turkey hooked by Anne Hein one of my home students
Another of my cupboard patterns hooked by Doodles


turkeys hooked into wool that I designed as a gift for my home students a number of years ago

Pumpkin pattern designed by Steve Aman for Need'l Love

Blooming Jacks, another cupboard pattern designed by me

Sorry not enough time to identify all of them---sorry some are turned sideways...enjoy!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving---be thankful!


  1. Beautiful post. That is a wonderful Picture of you Anita! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Hi Anita
    Your rug is beautiful. Good to "see you too"
    I wanted to wish you and your a very merry Christmas.
    Happy hooking
    Karen greenfield