Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's official---it's a boy!

I am now the proud expecting grandma to be of a baby boy!  Chelsea and Noah are expecting a little baby boy in June---looks like I will be spending some time in California!

Since I am the mother of two girls, having a little boy in the family will be a new experience---needless to say, my husband, soon to be Bump-Pa, is over the moon!

I see planning a baby rug in my future---I already sent them their first baby gift---check this out.

I found these at the first Friday vintage market in Kansas City last month.

Here are some pictures of what I have been hooking on...I started in in North Carolina...and have been working hard on it in hopes of finishing it in time for our annual Christmas party for my students---don't forget the date---December 10th---hoping for some great weather.

The pattern is called Petals and Posies and is mostly hooked in a #9 cut.  I am still trying to make some decisions about the dark squiggle line around the center background---if I keep it I am going to change parts of the two flowers---I did make a number of small changes to the original pattern---one of which was adding the second flower.  I am also going to get more of the purple on the unhooked right side.

I came down with a cold after Thanksgiving and have been laying a bit low---think I am on the mend---and looking forward to open studio day tomorrow and the First Friday market on Friday.

I also went to a podiatrist yesterday to figure out what wad going on with my bruised foot---which is no longer bruised but has a tender spot on the top---when he says that is "interesting"---it leaves me a little puzzled.  He put a shot of cortizone in it and now it is more sore than it was---it said it could take a couple of days for it to work but that I could run if it doesn't hurt.  So hoping the cold is gone and I can do a run this weekend as the weather is supposed to be nice.


  1. Congratulations Anita! I remember those tops well, we loved playing with them! I have two nieces and one nephew and he's a riot and a half! You'll love having a grand son! Merry Christmas!