Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays

I am catching up on some recents events---the first pictures are from my Holiday Christmas party for my students.  We had a great time---hard for me to believe that it was my 17th annual party.  

Here is the project I designed for the students this year---they each received the kit to make it.

Here are some of the rugs from the rug show.

 hooked by Brenda

Hooked by Brenda

Hooked by Anne

Hooked by Kate

Hitting the food line

Hooked by Amy

Hooked by Mimi

Hooked by Karen

Hooked by Jo Ann

Hooked by Kate

Anita showing the snowman kits

This is our State Line Rug Hooker's guild Philanthropy rug hooked this year---we are selling raffle tickets and the winner will be drawn at the February Hook-in.  I tried to download the ticket info but couldn't get it so will post it later when the rug is finished.  It is a gorgeous rug.

thanks Linda for hosting the party!

We had our first measurable snowfall yesterday---fun shoveling the driveway!

this month has gone too fast!

I took a few pictures this morning of my house decorations.
The christmas tree---what!  No presents---Santa is running late!

the mantle

Antique ornaments 

My paper mache santas that were made in the late 80's by me and a few by my daughter.

The end!

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