Friday, December 5, 2014

Under the weather

Well my cold never got better---only worse!
Ended up yesterday  in the doctor's office with a full blown sinus infection that was triggering severe migraine-like headaches and took my voice away.  Not fun! Bummed that I can't go to the Vintage market today.

I am looking forward to the Rug Hooker's Christmas Party on the 10th--- I will be well by then!!!

I have done some reverse hooking on the rug I posted the other day---still not done but thought I would share the change.

Sorry the photos are not facing the same way but I think it will show that I lightened the bordering around the center background---to me it looks better because the elements don't seem to be floating.  Also changed some of the colors in the two small center flowers.

Still more tweaking to do but did not feel up to working on it the past two days.

Hubby is out of town diving with his man friends in Mexico while I am here sick in the cold rainy weather.

Time to go lay back down!

Happy Holidays!



  1. Take care of yourself Anita. Rest and meds will get you better. Laryngitis is my specialty and it can really make you feel bad. Love the new rug.