Friday, May 8, 2015

A new footstool and other ramblings

About 2 weeks ago I went to a garage sale and bought an ugly duckling footstool---I should have taken a picture but I will say it had a ugly velvet print cover with really awful fringe---after stripping it off I discovered it was stuffed with excelsior and shredded paper.  I made a very simple pattern---basically I drew the outside dimensions that I needed and working on a blank canvas opting for straight line center with a border for the edge.  Using left overs from Petals and Posies I created this fun little footstool that I love---sometimes simple is the most charming!

                                                  This was Petals and Posies!

Busy weekend here at our house.  Saturday night we are are hosting our Wine Tasting group ---wines from Spain and Portugal wines---and Sunday my daughter Sarah and her husband Philip are coming for brunch with his parents.

I am getting excited about hooking a new pattern---I was looking through an old catalog  (1971) of Pearl McGown's patterns when they were owned by Sturbridge and saw three patterns that I have not seen around---fortunately Moshimer (Cushing) had a lot of the old patterns and is printing them on linen for me.

I will reveal which one I plan to start next week---will plan to take it to California with me to work on while I am there.  One is called Twirly Whirly, one is called Tinker Scroll and the last is Nantucket Scrolling.  Hmmm---which one will it be???

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!


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