Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Another successful Lenexa Hook-in

We could not have asked for better weather this year for the Lenexa Hook-in---can you believe 70 degree weather at the end of February....the day was kind of a blur for me but it was fun catching up with so many people and also seeing the enthusiasm of so many new hookers there for the first time.

Many thanks to my helpers Jody and Marlene---I could not have done it without you!  And thanks to Brenda as well for help setting up and bringing the wine for Friday nights dinner.

In the blur of it all I am afraid that a note was misplaced about someone that I was supposed to get back to about a couple paisley patterns---so on the off chance that that person is reading my blog please contact me---have the info for you.

I am still trying to get things back in place or in a new place---yes I have rearranged again!!!

Now I am busy getting ready for out State Line Rug Hooker's guild workshop---two three day sessions so lots of things running in my brain as well as preparing for the Santa Fe Workshop---I think there are still a couple of openings so contact me if you  are still  thinking about it.

I was so excited to get to see Kari's rug that she started in my class with the Salt river hookers last August---it makes my heart sing---this picture does not do it justice.

                                                  Here is a close up of the detail.
Baxter is now 8 months old and walking!  He actually started a couple of weeks ago---trouble!

Update on my new rug---as of Sunday I needed to have 28 twists done and I had 29 1/2 but have not worked on it since---so I am getting a couple behind and have company coming today so I am going to need to do some catch up later in the week if I an to have 35 done by next Sunday!  I did put in the brown mix---the browns have some teal in them but it is hard to see n the picture.

Have a great rest of your week and Happy Hooking!


  1. Wow, both these rugs are gorgeous !
    That little grand baby is sweet, too !

  2. BEAUTIFUL Rugs. I Love the detail on the floral one. Your little grand baby is just precious.

    Take care, doreen

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