Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is it possible that I am allergic to running

Well again after my race my allergies started acting up---sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes.  I have taken zyrtec and put antihistamine drops in my eyes trying to catch it faster this time.  Is it possible that I could be allergic to running---I googled it and read about a histamine release that can happen when you run fast.  I hope it clears up faster this time.

But I am happy to report that I beat last years results and also beat my fastest 5K that I have ever ran---I finished in 28:44 which was 2 seconds better than my fastest time.  I placed first out of eleven in my age group and 42 out of 277 women---so I was very happy, runny nose and all.  It was quite chilly this morning.  I think that I might see a nap in my future this afternoon.  My dear husband went back to his truck to keep warm while I was running and missed me at the finish line---he got back a couple of minutes too late.

I am watching "Chopped" on TV---at Teacher's workshop the trainees did a skit based on the show---it was sure funny.

Here are two version of Early Frost that were brought back to Teacher's workshop this year---I taught this piece a year ago at workshop ---it is always a great to have pieces that you have taught come back.

I think that I might get some hooking done today...what to work on....hmmmmmm!

Happy holidays!



  1. Anita,
    The whole running and allergy thing is odd....hmmmm, you might try Super Quercetin...ask about it at your local health food store. For me, it works better than conventional allergy medicines.

  2. Anita ~
    Sorry about the allergies, but big congrats on your finish. Way to go!
    Hugs :)