Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Open Studio Day has come and gone

Yesterday was a fun day getting me back into the swing of things.  Since I am leaving on a trip tomorrow I didn't have time to start classes back until after I get back but since I haven't had home classes since early December I thought I would offer and open studio day for anyone who needed help or supplies to drop by.
The day started off slow and then some started arriving---it was good to get back into the groove.

Thanks Amy for bringing the Lawrence girls over---hope your group last night had a good time.

Congrats Carole on the new grand baby---she is precious!

Jean---thanks for making the trip over and your wool you left is on it's way---I hope you have more confidence on getting started on your rug---it will be beautiful!

Anne---love the new cat rug---it will be great fun!

Anne H.---hope Birches will be finished soon---keep at it or Cheryl will be after you.

Don't forget about purchasing raffle tickets for the State Line Rug Hooker's rug to be awarded at the Lenexa Hook-in on February 25th---here is the rug again:

Tonite will be an early to be night as I have an early morning 6AM flight tomorrow---but will have plenty of time to rest when I get to my destination.  We have cashed in air miles and Marriott points to make this trip to the Caymen's.  My husband is a scuba diver and will be diving 4 days---I plan to snorkel, run on the beach, swim, shop, read books, eat seafood and even run in a 2 mile race called Keep the Resolution on Saturday morning---I thought it would be fun to say I ran in a race outside the US and come home with a t-shirt commemorating the event---someday I need to come up with a hooking project using all my race t-shirts---not ready to cut them up yet but it is in my mind to do something with them.

The weather in Kansas has been so mild this year---am hoping it continues all winter---nice not to have to worry about the weather and the roads.

I am looking forward to several camps and workshops when I get back.  In February I will be in Baton Rouge at Red Stick and in March at Yellow Rose in Texas.  The 25th of February I will new vending at the Lenexa Hook-in---if you have never been you might want to consider coming---so much fun!

I love texture---here is a close-up that I took on the beach in Bodega Bay!

Here is a link to an antique button button on Etsy---inspiration for design comes in many forms---I see a great chair pad design in this button!

Well it is getting light now so it is time to get busy---much to do today!

Have a great week.


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  1. Your open studio day sound like it's so much fun - wish I could come too!

    REQUEST: Next time you see Amy, would you see if you can explain to her how to change her blog settings so that when she leaves a comment, the blogger receives an email with it? SO often see leaves me a comment, but I'm not able to reply back to her cuz there's no email address to be found! Thanks.