Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vacation is over---time to get back to work!

We had a great vacation---enjoyed the warm or should I say hot weather in the Cayman's.  The water was beautiful as were the beaches---and oh my---what great food!  My favorite thing I ate was Naked Wahoo and mushroom bites at the Sunshine Grill---so incredibly delicious.  I mostly had fish--- snapper, grouper, tuna...oh my!

I did run in a 2 mile race on Saturday morning benefitting the local Catholic school----small race of about 90 people.  I came in 11th and was the second female to finish so I was very pleased---18:56.  thankfully it was at 7 AM so it wasn't too hot, but I was still sweating---very humid!

My hubby went scuba diving every morning---so we were up early.  I went snorkeling several times and that was fun.  We also went on a nighttime catamaran sailing---was a perfect night with millions of stars!

When I got home I quickly got myself back in the swing of things by spending two full days in the dye pots---and started packing for my first workshop of the year in Baton Rouge LA.  The Lenexa hook-in is at the end of February so it will be here before long.  In March I will be teaching at Yellow Rose in Texas and looking forward to my return trip there.  April brings a new hook-in in the St. Louis area where I will be vending and in May I will be teaching in Birmingham AL.  June brings me to my last of my three years teaching at Caraway in North Carolina.

Tomorrow and Wednesday my home classes start back---yeah!  It will be good to see everyone!  Thursday I am teaching a class at my shop in Greenwood---a busy week!

this colorful guy roamed the grounds in front of the hotel---great visual for hooking a rooster!

Hubby getting ready to go in for his dive at the Kittiwake shipwreck site

Here is our group on the catamaran---a fun group we were!

Okay time to go get busy---have a great day!

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  1. Anita ~
    Sounds like your vacation was a slice of heaven!
    Congrats on your race finish.
    Hugs :)