Sunday, July 29, 2012

California or bust

Well the time has finally gotten here---we are hitting the road tomorrow morning to drive to California.

I have my audio books and my hooking ready for the 3 day trip.  I am hooking two mid century modern style pillows for my daughter' s couch---I drew these and color planned them according to her wishes---bold and graphic.  I got a start on them before I left so I could make sure she liked what I had done so I could have the wool cut and ready.   While watching the Olympics I got quite a good start. Here is what I cam up with:

 and here is the couch they will go is a chesterfield sofa sleeper and will be my bed for a few weeks---wish me luck!  I did buy a mattress topper at Tuesday morning---a 4" thick one on sale for $69.99---money well spent!

We plan to take the northern route across I 80 and will stay in Cheyenne WY the first night.

Now this next piece is more my style---this was a piece I hooked to reflect the class I will be teaching in Long Beach at the Atha biennial in September 2013.  The class will focus on designing your own paisley pattern in an 18 inch square from templates that I will bring along with a variety of wool colors to choose from as well as some antique paisley.  

Hope to see some of you there!

It is still very HOT---so I am looking forward to some cooler weather. 

I'll post some pictures of the pillows when I get to Oakland so you can see if I finished them on the road---I think I will!

Hopefully I can blog to say hello while I am there.



  1. Cool designs - looks like you're hooking through wool? Wave to me when you drive through SLC, okay? And have a great trip.

  2. Not wool--- it is linen----almost to Cheyenne our stop for the night. I'll wave! We are stopping at cracker barrel to return an audio book.