Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Catching up to do

I can't believe it  is the 9th of July already.  I have been in the dye pots for the last three days---the dehumidifier is sure sucking a lot of water out of the air.  Enough of this heat!

We went to the lake last Friday but ended coming home on Sunday---it was just too hot.  We decided we weren't having fun.  I did manage to get some hooking done.  I needed to complete my
sample teaching piece for the ATHA biennial in Long Beach.  It is done except for finishing the binding.  I guess I need to find out if I can post pictures of it on my blog.  If I can I'll do that next time.  I guess it is safe to say that it has something to do with Paisley.

My husband has been doing some more projects around the house.  The half bath remodel is now complete---hard to get a picture but here is what he did.  I like how it turned out.  The wood frame goes up around the mirror and has a light fixture mounted on it---couldn't get it in the picture.

The next project he tackled was adding pullout drawers in the under cabinets in the kitchen---now it is easier to get to the stuff in the back.  From the looks of thesen pictures I still need to do some cleaning out of stuff I really don't need.

He is taking a break from projects in our house as we are driving out to California to help our daughter and SIL Noah do some work on their new home in Oakland.  It was be a an interesting few is a 1920's bungalow and is in need of some restoration.  I am planning a two week trip and not sure how long he will stay---depends of how things go.  We are fortunate to have his sister house sit and take care of Fred---he hates going to the kennel---barks constantly.  I am not looking forward to the three days drive although I have not travelled the I 80 through Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada before so am hoping for a nice change of scenery.  Sitting in a truck for three days is worrying me a bit though.

The keys to home ownership

the happy couple taken the night they got the keys

I have been enjoying riding my bike in the mornings---much easier that running!  I have signed up for two fall races---one 5 K and one 10 K so I am hoping to get some running in while I am in California.

Here is yesterdays tub of wool that I dyed...

I plan to hit it again today and that will be it until I get back from California.  I am trying to get a jump on my fall camps before I go.

I will be in Green Lake Wisconsin in September and Buckeystown MD in October.

Really looking forward to both camps.

II am trying out new multifocal contacts this week and am very happy with them---I tried them about 6 years ago and wasn't happy with them and went back to mono vision, but decided to give them another try---they are working great!  My midrange view is much improved.

Well that is it for this morning...time to get out before it heats up again!

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