Friday, July 6, 2012

Still HOT in Kansas

Woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.  This morning I am heading down to the First Friday Vintage Market in Kansas City.  It is a once a month event and is so much fun!  I'm going early to try to beat the heat and hoping to find some things for my shop in Greenwood.

I did get into the dye pots yesterday to dye some light greens for Jennie and also got some Cupboard Pattern backings cut and serged and ready to draw.

It has been hard to get enthused about running but I did manage a two mile run followed by a 3.5 mile bike ride and another 7 or 8 mile ride another day---riding is certainly easier than running in this weather.

I have been enjoying some great tomatoes thanks to Kate and Richard---YUM!

I need to get busy and get some photos of my project for the ATHA biennial in Long Beach CA in September 2013---due in a couple of weeks---yikes!  I have the ideas in my head but need to get them on paper and foundation.  I will drop the hint that it will have something to do with paisley---no surprise there!

I also need to get started on my project for Teacher's workshop.  I will be doing a Grenfell class.  I just got in the book Silk Stockings Mats so have been reading it and doing some planning for the class but still need to hook my sample.

My daughter got her living room put back together---well sort of--still need to go back and do some trim work but not quite ready to go back over there yet---still planning on the best way to do it.  She sent me a picture but you can't even see the floor in the picture so I'll wait till I get a better picture before I post it.

The paisley rug on the left is a rug I started about five years ago and recently finished.  It is a pattern I use that students can personalize and add detail to the large paisley shape---this one was done with all textures and paisley.

Stay cool! 

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