Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Downton Abbey Holiday Party

Last Sunday evening I hosted a Holiday party and used dinner at Downton Abbey as my inspiration---I started out thinking about doing the downstairs version and ended up with a mix of upstairs and downstairs.  Here are some pictures of my table settings.

It was a very fun evening  but the washing of all the dishes afterwards was not fun!

Tonight I an having our neighborhood ladies Bunco Christmas dinner party but am using paper holiday plates---I will use real wine glasses as I do not like to drink wine in plastic glasses.

Here are some pictures of my progress on Houses in the Birches

I tried unsuccessfully to rotate this one---I am getting close to being halfway finished---not sure yet about a border---I may mount it???

I love getting pictures from Chelsea and Noah's progress on their is a  recent one of a door they changed out putting in a vintage 5 panel glass door between the kitchen and laundry room which lets in more light from the back of the house.

Many years ago (late 1980's) I used to make these paper mache Santas---I sold them at juried craft shows---wish I had kept more for myself---my sister has a better collection than I do.  Someday I should make some rug patterns with some of my  Santa  designs.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and happy New Year---be safe in your travels and enjoy your family and friends.

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