Sunday, September 29, 2013

Home from the ATHA Biennial 2013 Long Beach

I had a wonderful time spending two weeks in California.  The weather was absolutely picture perfect.   A lot was crammed in to my time there.  Since my last post we had a wonderful day in Sonoma and attended a party in Golden Gate Park with my daughter's friends---many of who were talented artists and musicians.

This photograph of my husband Doug was taken at the Bump Winery in Sonoma.  My husband's middle name is Bump (his mother's maiden name) and as it turns out he is related to the Bump Winery family---they had a white wine named Fortune that was named after the ship that brought the family to America in the 1600's.  Naturally we had to buy some Bump wine.

 Chelsea and I posing in front of Bloomingdale's in San Francisco on our way to the Golden Gate park.

 Daughter's house updates in Oakland---living room
 dining room

 Front of house sporting a new paint color

After leaving Oakland we headed to Dana Point where we spent a couple of days with my sister Barbara before heading to Long Beach.

Night view from the hotel

I took this photo early in the morning on the day I did my 10 mile training run---a nice run from Dana Point to San Clemente---except for the fact that I did not eat enough before or take any energy gels with me and I was out of gas and water!  Had to walk the last part of the "run"!

My next post will be about the biennial---maybe later today or tomorrow.

Watch for it!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun time! Love your daughters house and you saw beautiful senery, now take a few days and recoop! Enjoy today!