Monday, September 30, 2013

Paisley class at the biennial

I had a great group of women in my class at the biennial.  Everyone embraced the class and developed a pattern and picked their colors and started hooking.  In my mind I thought there would be those that would design quickly and pick colors and get started hooking and there would be others who would spend more time in designing their patterns---this is what happened and there were some great projects started.  I only wish that I could have cloned myself---hard to do both at once.  I spend the first part of the class explaining the process.  I had lots of templates and design inspirations---napkins, books, fabrics,  etc.  I had pieces that could be cut out and traced around, pieces on red dot and had a couple of temporary light boxes using an under the bed storage box turned upside down with an ott-lite under it---wish I had gotten a picture.   Thanks Donna for bringing the tubs and thanks Sally for getting me extra tables so there was plenty of room for people to work.  Note to self---not a good idea to draw on linen with black markers with a white tablecloth under it.

My great class---a great group!

Here are a couple of close ups.

The biennial was a lot of fun---great vendors, a large rug show, great classes all in a beautiful environment.  

Start making plans to attend the next one in San Antonio on the Riverwalk in 2015!

I purchased a DVD that was put together at the biennial and am looking forward to receiving it---it will feature the rug show as well as candid shots of the classes etc.  I was not a good picture taker so am happy that it was done.

I am having home classes today and Wednesday so I  have to get busy.

Yesterday I did my 10 mile training run---it was hard!

October 19th I will run my 4th half marathon---13.1 miles!!!!

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