Thursday, September 12, 2013

More from Shake Rag Alley

Okay I think this will be the last post from Shake Rag Alley---I need to finish packing---can't believe that I am leaving tomorrow.

 Leslie was working on Karen Kahle's rose runner---it is a large rug---you are just looking at one of three sections.  It is color planned to work with her bedding---soft blue, peach and lavendar.  Good job Leslie!

Joan chose one of my all time favorite patterns---Jumbo Star a Lib Callaway design---those lines you see in the star are all paisley---love!  The inside background is a light mix and the outer background is a dark teal blue.  What a great rug!

Harriet worked on two patterns---on this one it was a matter of background and border choice.   The one below is a William Morris adaptation of Strawberry thief---the strawberries were hooked with an texture that made them look like they were seeded and I love how the bird turned out just using two textures.

Fay Marie was hooking Paisley Hex, another favorite of mine---It is a jane Flynn pattern---she used a lot of paisley in the piece---I always love how this pattern hooks up---about the size of a piano bench.  Just lovely!

Well I think that I covered it all---what a great group of students.

I have three bags full packed for the Paisley workshop at the Biennial---weighed them this morning---two 40 pounders and one 45 pounder ---good thing that I am flying Southwest and that my husband is going too so I can still check one of our clothes bags.

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