Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shake Rag Alley continued...

Have a break---no one at the open studio right here is more from Shake Rag Alley

Trudi designed this rug for her son---we tweaked the design a bit to keep the sun on the right side znd used a dip dye to create the rays.  the rooster is going to be a "Pretty Boy"!  This was Trudi's first camp---always fun to introduce someone to the joys of rug camp!

June chose "Freedom" for her project---The eagle is working up nicely and the banner on his body will be red and white stripes also--a great patriotic rug!

Nancy's piece is called "Devonshire" and is a crewel design but she didn't want to hook it as a traditional crewel but wanted to use textures and we even used some antique paisley---you can see the beginnings of the dark background which will really pop the motifs.

Sandy chose Emma Lou's Tulip Cross---I consider this a great workshop pattern even though it is large because you only have to work out one quadrant and you've got the color plan---and Sandy was able to do that---I really like the large leaf ---sorta hooked two sided with the addition of the jagged vein.

This is my daughter's house in Oakland sporting a new paint job---looking forward to seeing it on Friday!

These interesting plants were on the property where the workshop was held---Pokeberry I think!  According to the book about the Magdalena rugs---they used Pokeberry to dye wool.

This house was for sale in Mineral Point---it had been redone beautifully!!!

that is it for today---will post the rest of the rugs tomorrow!

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  1. such wonderful rugs. I hooked the tulip rug and used a lighter background a plaid sage green.
    I have never seen that plant before. But I need to get my hook out and start hooking again.