Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nebraska Wrap-up

Well I am up early and hoping to wrap up the pictures from Nebraska.  Later this morning I will be going to the Greenwood Mercantile to set up for the Christmas Open House this weekend------be sure to check it out---always lots of goodies.  Here is the link to the website in case you have missed it before.

Still planning to go to the First Friday Vintage Market  tomorrow but have to go to the doctor first  (mixup on my appointment on Wednesday) and I have to fast again---not happy about that!

I signed up to run another 1/2 marathon the Sunday before Thanksgiving---am I crazy or what---well at least I can eat more Turkey!

It has been raining like crazy for a couple of days---ready for the sun to come back out!

Well here goes the pictures.

Tammy started a series of birds done by a collage artist ---Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson---with permission---this  was an interesting concept to get the feel of paper collage in rug hooking.  I think she did a great job---cam't wait to see how the others turn out too!  Here is the link to buy a calendar 2013.

Sisters. Pam and Lynne were working on this floral basket rug and doing a great job---both incorporated paisley into their flowers---always fun to see the same pattern develop in different color ways!

Susan was also working on the smaller version of the Star runner done by Larry---posted in the first Nebraska post. Again fun to see how the pattern can be developed in so many ways---this one will have a dark blue background that I have to dye when I get back from Texas.

The next group of pictures are special because they prove that students do go on to finish rugs started at workshops and they make me so proud of what they have accomplished.  Way to go guys---you did great!  I feel bad because there were a few others that came that I did not get pictures of that I thought I did---sorry!  There a few that were almost finished and hope they will come back next year with the projects from this year.  Hint Hint!


This rug of Judy's is one of my favorites---Judy is so busy running the show that I really don't get to work with her much but she always lets me pull together a palate for her to work from and she always succeeds.

Linda worked on the Caswell Fruit and Flowers last year---she had not done much wide cut shading before and she did a great job!!!

Larry's Early Frost Adaptation has a great look.  Love the colors and the woven feel of the rug---way to go Larry!

I was really looking forward to seeing this one in person---a lot of great things in this rug---be sure and check out the silver accessories sewn on to the boots and that rope---WOW!  There are initials of her family worked in subliminally in the background---a real family heirloom in this one!

This rug and the rug below were hooked by Karen last year---she was in both workshops so I was doubly blessed to get to work with her on both.  This basket floral was done in the second workshop---a great primitive floral.

This proud Eagle resides in her husband's office---great texture and movement and the lettering is so well done!!!

This is Jane's Poppy rug designed by Sharon Smith---What a fun rug---so cheerful and primitive---a wonderful way to use up bits and pieces and creat a beautiful rug!

This is Jane's rug from the previous year---I love the proddy edge on this mat and the fall leaves are great---I love fall!

This is Carolyn working on her rug---her design but  do not remember if she gave it a name---she was the one that didn't get in the class picture---she is one fast hooker---almost completed this piece and started another one!

Found another completed one---this is Joyce's bunnies---Cadbury and ???  sorry can't remember the other bunny's name.  What a fun rug---great job Joyce!

Okay that is it---I really have to go get busy---this took much longer than I planned but so worth it to share their work!

Looking forward to next year!


  1. Beautiful rugs! Thanks for taking that long time to share them!!!

  2. these are all SO AMAZING!!!! and I am honored that Tammy took my image and brought it to life as a rug hooking. wow. Fantastic creativity and work.

  3. Wow! What great rugs! However, that doesn't surprise have been the only teacher I've had, where if I had to go home with someone else's rug in the class I was in, I would have been totally happy. You have a true teaching gift! I REALLY love the bird collage one! I've been wanting to hook and have it look like palette knife painting....perhaps that will be my next project.

    1. Thanks Tammy---you made my day---I trully love what I do---tomorrow is my last day teaching at Nola's in St. Louis---I have a renewed energy for my last day!