Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kansas City Marathon

Yesterday I ran my fourth half marathon here in Kansas City.  It was a brisk cold morning in the 30's---race started at 7:05 in the morning so getting up at 4 o'clock was not the most fun.

I ran the first 7.5 miles with my friend Kelly who was running her first full marathon.  I did my best to keep up a good pace and we were running between the 2:10 and the 2:15 half marathon pace---so far so good.  After I split off from her things were going well until the 10 mile mark where I got a stitch in my right side really hurt so I slowed my pace and hit the port-a-potty and kept on running as best I could.  I finished in 2:18:43---still a personal best for me.  I took it easy most of the day with my stomach still not happy.  I went to bed early and have a busy day today so hoping my legs don't hurt too bad.

Today I am packing for my Nebraska workshops---two 3 day back to back ---looking forward to the classes.

Here I am in the finish shoot about to cross the line---I saw my husband and looked back at him and smiled to get this picture.

Here I am at the finisher's photo area with my medal---overall a successful run.

Another good thing this week was that my daughter Chelsea received the Golden B award for her work at Bloomingdale's in San Francisco in Visual Merchandising---I am so proud of her for achieving this award.  It was a surprise to her and since we were just in California we couldn't go back but wrote messages to her which were included in her presentation by her boss.  Way to go Chelsea!  A good week for her because it was also her fifth wedding anniversary and her 34th birthday.


  1. WOW I am hoping to walk a half marathon--great finish

  2. Everytime I see you running a marathon, I think of what a little marvel you are! You never cease to amaze..........
    Atta Girl, Anita!