Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More from Nebraska

Here are some more pictures from the workshops I was teaching in Nebraska.

Again, in no particular order...

Karen hooked this Joanne Gerwig pattern with Sheep and Sunflowers---the sunflowers were hooked using a couple of long lovelies mixed with some textured wools.

 Anne Marie hooked this M Shaw pattern with posies in a basket---there is a wonderful paisley that was the inspiration for this pattern---hard to see in the photo but there was also a blue wool that has small flecks of metallic in the wool---a nice touch.

Pat chose a Red Barn pattern called Floral Scroll runner---again starting with as long lovely which was the outside of the center flower---this one will have a dark background--she is a beautiful hooker!

Karen did a great job capturing the faces of the puffins---she was very intent on getting them just the way she wanted them---such personality in these little guys!!!

Dawn is a new hooker who was doing a great job with this farm scene---I believe the pattern was one of Janice Johnson's--she was having a great time with this pattern.

Joyce was working on a wonderful primitive floral by Red Rocket Rugs called Grandma's Garden.  The lovely large rose posies were hooked with paisley and a several reds---moving the paisley around in different areas of the flower really makes them interesting.
Friends Kristi and Terri were working on the same pattern ---Pennsylvania Dutch by Anne Nichols.  Interesting to see one with the light background and one with dark---really love both renditions!  Good luck on your run in Chicago Terri---glad you are on the mend!
Jane was working on a Thanksgiving postcard designed from an antique postcard by Tricia Travis.  A fun pattern to do this time of year---the lettering was being done with a plaid and separating the light and dark parts to give a little dimension to the lettering.  Fun indian corn done with a plaid she got from Tricia.  I may have to put this pattern on my someday list!

Well that is all for this morning....have a dr. appointment this morning...have to fast for blood work---got to have one cup of black coffee...more tomorrow if all goes well.


  1. OK - catching on to comments - this was a wonderful weekend - you were working so hard and enjoying it at the same time. Thank you for giving so much of yourself - all of you. Very nice pictures; thanks for sharing.

  2. Anne Marie Lewis - not unknown - above :)