Saturday, October 12, 2013

Biking the Katy Trail

This past Monday I rode the train to Jefferson City with my husband and met up with three other guys to bike a section of the Katy Trail---we only covered about 135 miles of it on our journey.  For more detailed info on the trail you can check out this link.

The furthest I had ever ridden my bike was about 28 miles---I did learn some stuff about biking.

We had perfect weather or this trip, with cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons.  The first day we travelled west from Jefferson city to meet up with two that biked from Columbia and then rode back to Jeff City where we spent the night and prepared for out longest leg of our journey to Hermann Mo, a quaint river town known for it's wineries and breweries.

This was taken at lunch in Jeff City---met this gal Nancy who was biking from Montana to St. Louis Missouri---she was traveling on her own and had been on the road since late July---amazing!

Here I am ready to take off for Hermann.  We stayed at hotels or B & B's although many to camp along the trail---not me!

We rode over 50 miles the first day arriving in Hermann around 5 o'clock---after checking in to our room and showering we headed to a little bar and restaurant in Hermann.  My "sit upon" was sore and would be my biggest problem of the trip---will do somethings differently before doing this again.

The trail runs along an old rail bed and the Missouri river which is visible at times,

Hermann had lots of neat fall displays for Octoberfest.

The next day we rode from Hermann to Augusta---the treat that night was getting to soak in a jacuzzi tub which was most wonderful!!!  We stayed at a wonderful B & B and ate dinner at The Ashley Rose---I had the best liver and onions!

 The B & B in Augusta

My room---Miss Heather

Far be it from me not to antique shop along the way---this wonderful basket had to go home with me---it was made in 1984 by C. Boyd in Floyd Virginia ---after searching on the internet when I got home I found out he was a well known basket maker---it is vey heavy and made of white oak and is the strongest of baskets---amazing!!!

I felt like Dorothy---all I needed was Toto!

 The last day of our journey took us to St. Charles Mo where we took a shuttle to Kirkwood to catch the train back to Kansas City.

I was the only one on the trip with flat tires---3 in fact but only had to change one on the path.  The path is covered with pea gravel with some sharp edges and my tires seem to like them.

The five of us ant the end of our ride in St. Charles

Our bikes back at union Station in KC waiting to be loaded on the back of the car.

My rear end is no longer sore but to compensate for "sitting" I started doing a lot of riding stand up and pedaling hard ---(the Katy trail is relatively flat so you are pedaling all the time)--  so that I could coast a bit which increased the work on my quad muscles so they were sore--- I think I have recovered enough that I can get an easy run in this morning...only one week till my half marathon--what was I thinking?????

Now I am getting ready for my workshops in Nebraska---looking forward to these fun workshops!

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