Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last day in Goliad

Well it sure has been cold here in Goliad.  Yesterday we went to the Mission, barbequed some chicken, and watched TV and  I worked on my rug.

We had to leave the water dripping last night---it was 26 degrees this morning but hoping for a warm-up as we head north tomorrow.  Here is what my rug looked like this morning.

the last two photos show the upper left flower done two different ways---the last photo shows how I hooked it the first time and the one above shows how I hooked it the second time---I think I like it better---but who knows---I may just leave both versions in the rug.

I am now starting to experiment with the is a photo of my first trial---I have since changed the vine to a red/gold/black check instead of the gold---I think it shows up better.

I'll do some more tonite and post another picture.

We are off to do more touristy things---going to see La Presidio.

I am using the internet at the local library---we do not get it at the campground.  Thank goodness for warm libraries.


  1. Anita,
    I just love this rug. It is so interesting to follow all the changes you make as you go along. I am learning so much! Your colors are fabulous. Do you do your own dyeing?

  2. Love it Anita!!!! It will be great to see you in a couple of weeks!

  3. Anita, your runner is seriously lovely.
    I too have enjoyed watching the development.
    Your choice of colors are delicious!

    What is the background? Is it one piece of wool or a mixture of darks? It works really well.

    Hoping you find some warmth soon.

  4. The background is one dark plaid-lumberjack. I do dye my own wool. Only have Internet on my phone so will have to wait to do a new post update.