Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday in Rockport

Well, I guess we missed another snowstorm in Kansas, but we do have cold weather here and they are predicting ice and snowflakes on Friday.  It got down to 25 last night---we had to leave the water dripping inside the trailer so the water connection wouldn't freeze.

I am still sick---symptoms all over the place and trying to figure out what meds to take has been challenging.  The mucinex d kept me awake all night so last night I took Nyquil---did sleep but woke up with a big headache---sinuses are a mess but am sneezing and nose is running--I'm doing nasal rinses hoping to stay away from the decongestant that keeps me awake.  Fortunately Doug hasn't gotten it so I am thinking it is the flu since he had a flu shot and I didn't.

I did manage to get some hooking done yesterday as I didn't leave the trailer except to go to the pharmacy.  Here is the update and the fix on the one leaf.


Today I think that I am going to rework the bottom right flower---it looks better in person than in the picture but may play with it a bit---I used paisley but it doesn't seem to be showing up as much as i would like it to.  Maybe it is because my head is all stuffed up and it is hard to think straight.

I think going back to bed sounds like a good idea.

Stay warm and safe!


  1. It's looking good Anita. You're going to GAG at my attemt at humor here - but I just realized that you're a runner hooking a runner! LOL

  2. Anita I love your rug!!!!!!!! Just catching up with your blog today, I love all the birds. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Anita I keep looking at your rug... I think I need to do it. What size worms are you using?

  4. So I guess that is the "upside" of being sick....makes you stay put and you get more hooking done!