Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday---lots to do

Yeah it is finally warming back up!  Yesterday we went to see "The Fighter"---really went to see The King's Speech but the ice delayed the movie in getting to the theater, so we changed movies.

I am finally feeling human again---still not 100% but so much better!  This morning I am going to The Bountiful Bowl pottery sale---starts at ten.  The proceeds support Meals on Wheels---well some of the proceeds.  I hope to find a fun bowl, perhaps a snippet bowl.

One of my favorite restaurants in Corpus was closed for a couple of months for a winter break and it re=opened this week so we are meeting my sister for a farewell dinner tonite!  They used to have the BEST Oysters Rockerfeller---yum!  The harbor bridge is suppose to reopen at noon today so it will be easier to get to Corpus.

Here is another update on my rug---I'm hoping to complete the inside by the time I get home...that would be 22 by 88 inches---there is a 4 inch border around the runner which will be all that is left.

I am looking forward to coming home and getting ready for the Lenexa Hook-in.  Hope to see lots of you there.  I will not be starting classes until after the Hook-in---most likely March 7th and let's hope for some nice weather to welcome me home.


  1. Wow Anita,
    You've gotten quite a bit done. It looks beautiful. Glad you're feeling better. Enjoy you farewell dinner, sounds like a great place.

  2. Beautiful rug... and so much was hooked in such a short time! Glad you are feeling better!