Thursday, July 7, 2011

needed a break---batteries recharging

Okay so I am home---got home last Friday and then went to Manhattan, Ks on Sunday to pick up my dog at my daughters and to help her out with some stuff.  I came home on Monday evening, the 4th and was exhausted.  I went to bed early and didn't even watch any fireworks.

Today I went to Greenwood to my shop and got things straightened up there and taught a class---always fun to see the gals and get caught up.  Tomorrow I am heading to the lake for a few days---seems like I'm never home.  I need to get some hooking things together to do some hooking at the lake.  I have only been to the lake twice this year so I am looking forward to going.  Fred my dog loves to swim in the lake and I'm looking forward to a ride on the jet skis and some fishing.

I promise to get my orders out next week from Caraway.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time making arrangements to go to California for Christmas with my daughter and  her husband at his folks and then to the beach near where they got married and then to Oakland where they now live...this should be a fun trip.  My youngest daughter will get to go as well.  Poor Fred---need to find a dog sitter.  He just doesn't do well at the kennel.   Know any pet sitters???

Okay I can't close this post without a here is one.

This is one of my cupboard designs on display at Caraway---she did a great job!

Vickie hooked this rug in my class year.  She designed this herself---her three dogs.  Be sure to click on the picture to see the textures on the dogs.  Great job Vickie!

Okay---I can go to bed now!


  1. love the first rug super cut and I am tired just reading this I hope you get some time to recharge those batteries.