Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Cupboard Series---Acorn Vine

Here is a finished sample of Acorn Vine, one of my newest Cupboard designs.  I hooked all the way home from the lake in the car.  I still need to do the binding but you can get the ideas---I like it in the green frame.  the background was an as is dark stripe of Rebecca's.  It is almost too plain for me but it is what I took with me and the green frame really helps.

We caught more crappie this morning before we headed home---my biggest one broke my line just s I was bringing it up---I should have had a net but most of what we were catching didn't need a net---I was bummed!  Oh crap!

Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the year and I plan to dye wool---guess I'll just turn the thermostat lower and make sure I keep the pots covered as much as possible.

Today I got the pattern in the mail that I will be teaching at Teacher's workshop this year.  Hmmmm!  the lesson is on skies---As a student what do you want to learn about skies---any feedback would be appreciated as it might influence how I decide to approach the piece.  It is a small pictorial that was inspired by a photograph that I took at workshop last year at Lake Texoma in Texas...rocky cliff, sky, water, trees, but the main emphasis is supposed to be on how to hook skies.


  1. I think this latest hooking of your's is great! And I can't believe you could finish it so quickly!
    I enjoy fishing, too.... My husband and I usually go with my brother and SIL -- but we have terrible luck and generally catch nothing! We always have a little competition to see who can catch the most.... nobody wins!!
    Have a pleasant night.

  2. Love your acorns, but can't even imagine hooking in the car! As to skies.....that is a difficult question. Do you want the sky to look realistic? I've seen many hookers who do a more fanciful skies......they give the impression of a sky if that makes any sense. I like the latter myself.

  3. hi Anita,
    I love checking in on your blog when I can and thought I'd throw out an idea for your sky. What about hooking the sky with a dip dye and covering the use of dip dyes as well as beautiful skies?
    PS we just returned from fishing in Canada and caught some great walleye...we ate several too :)
    take care,
    Lori Cravens

  4. I thought of that too Lori, but Sheri is teaching hooking with a painted sky and I was supposed to do something else---I thought the dip-dye sky might be too close to the painted sky. Still trying to decide...hmmm---I wish you were coming---miss you and Patty!!!