Saturday, November 19, 2011

Framing today

Here are a couple of pieces that I framed today.

The first one is a floral that I started a couple of years ago---I have posted a picture in the past but now it is framed and looks much better.  I ordered these frames on ebay---

Silver Fire-Burned Distressed Wood Picture Frame-Exotic
Silver Fire-Burned Distressed Wood Picture Frame-Exotic
Item Id:350320993847
End time:Nov-10-11 17:35:20 PST
tabby7 (32888)
99.7% Positive Feedback
Member since Jul-10-98 in United States
Location: MO, United States
Listing Status:This message was sent while the listing was closed.
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the quality and service has been great---highly recommend!

The next picture is a piece hooked by Betty Laine that was auctioned off during our teacher's workshop for the scholarship fund.  It was hooked into verel so I stretched it over foam core covered with cotton batting so it would be slightly padded.  Betty holds a special place in my heart and I miss her---now I have a little something to remember her by.

Today is my friend Carolyn's birthday---dinner out tonight to celebrate but making it a short night as I am running in another race tomorrow morning.  Fortunately this one will not be as hilly as the last one was and I have hight hopes of beating my last year's time of 29:29.

Well I got to go clean up there big mess I made downstairs!

Happy holidays!

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