Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh no, not again

Here we go again.  Today I went shopping at Stein Mart for a shirt for my husband and a top for me...i was about ready to leave and I reached up to my ear and oh no---my earring was missing again !!!  I have been praying to St. Anthony again---don't know if I lost it in the store or elsewhere...haven't found it yet...I am beginning to wonder if I was supposed to have that earring...keep the faith, keep praying!  I left my name and phone number in case it would get turned in.  There is obviously something wrong with the clasp.

Any help with prayers would be appreciated!


Raining in Kansas

I woke up this morning and headed out for a run and got caught in the rain---so I headed to Starbucks and called hubby to come pick me up.  Just had some delicious french toast made with made with whole wheat tuscan pane from Trader Joe's---yum!!!  Served it with fresh strawberries and fage yogurt.  Now I ready to get to work!

Yesterday I was cleaning up my studio downstairs and took some pictures of my wool.

At my home classes last week Wanda has been working on her Crazy Horse rug designed by Susan Quicksall.  She is having fun hooking this pattern---she is flying through it.  Here is a picture of her progress.

 I'm betting that she'll be finished when she comes back to class on Wednesday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend---time to get to work!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Cupboard Series---Acorn Vine

Here is a finished sample of Acorn Vine, one of my newest Cupboard designs.  I hooked all the way home from the lake in the car.  I still need to do the binding but you can get the ideas---I like it in the green frame.  the background was an as is dark stripe of Rebecca's.  It is almost too plain for me but it is what I took with me and the green frame really helps.

We caught more crappie this morning before we headed home---my biggest one broke my line just s I was bringing it up---I should have had a net but most of what we were catching didn't need a net---I was bummed!  Oh crap!

Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the year and I plan to dye wool---guess I'll just turn the thermostat lower and make sure I keep the pots covered as much as possible.

Today I got the pattern in the mail that I will be teaching at Teacher's workshop this year.  Hmmmm!  the lesson is on skies---As a student what do you want to learn about skies---any feedback would be appreciated as it might influence how I decide to approach the piece.  It is a small pictorial that was inspired by a photograph that I took at workshop last year at Lake Texoma in Texas...rocky cliff, sky, water, trees, but the main emphasis is supposed to be on how to hook skies.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Texas Hill Country---Cupboard Series

Here is is---finished, well almost.  I just have the edge turned under so will have to do finishing when i get home.  I did remember to bring my frame to check fit---got it right!

I may have to take another look at adding a little bit of dark to the bluebonnets.  In real life I thought there was enough contrast but the photo makes it look a little light.

Now I am going to work on the Acorn Vine---maybe I can get it finished too!

I'm a believer

The last time I was at the lake---almost two weeks ago I lost one of my inside outside diamond rings---no idea when or where I lost it.  I called the company where I purchased them about 5 years ago to see if I could get a single replacement---I could but the price today for a single was almost what I paid for a pair when I bought them.  I decided to wait until I went through Dallas in August to make sure it was a match.
When we got to the lake on Friday we were getting ready to go put the jet skis in the water and I was walking toward the car slowly looking down---my husband asked what was taking me so long and I said that i was praying to St. Anthony to help me find my earring---I took two steps and there in the gravel was my earring.  It was a powerful moment for me---I've always believed in St, Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, but this was very emotional for me.  Wow!

Had several good rides on the jet skis, hooked on my bluebonnet cupboard piece---I'll be ready to post picture soon---just a little more background, and had a great dinner.

This morning we got up early and went crappie fishing at the dock---I caught 6 or 7 keepers so I guess it will be fish for dinner.

It is going to be another hot day today...we are heading back home tomorrow.

Happy Hooking!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

where has the week gone

I can't believe a whole week has gone by!  This week I had classes at home and hit the dye pots several long days---it is so HOT here in Kansas.   I am ready for a break in the weather.  We are heading to the lake tomorrow---hoping for a little cooler weather and then I plan to hit the dye pots when I get home---as well as hit my hair dresser for a hair dye job as is overdue!

I have been enjoying my trips to Trader Joe's---great food!

We went to church tonite so that we can leave early on the morning.  The CFCA (Christian Foundation for Children and Aging) representative was there.  We sponsored a child six years ago from
Guatemala, a boy named today we decided to sponsor an additional child, a girl named Leydi---I picked her because her favorite school subject was Art Expression.  I love this program because you get real letters from your sponsored child...I have often been remiss in responding back but I have promised myself that I will write more letters to my children.  Here is a picture of Leydi.

Who could resist!  She's a cutie and must love color!

Okay, time to hit the sack!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The week ends

Well here are some recaps from the week.  I did pop into Trader Joe's but will go back after the rush dies down.  I did get some wonderful California figs which I cooked with olive oil, agave nectar, balsamic vinegar and a little marsala.  This got put over grilled chicken breasts with some goat cheese.  Yummy!

I had to take my computer into the Mac doctor---they said it could be a week to get it fixed, but lo and behold it was ready today---only 24 hours in the shop.   I love my Mac and the Apple Store.  They are great.

Now my pictures are downloading again so ,et me go in and see what I can find.

Here is a picture of my booth in Greenwood the last time I was there a little over a week ago.

And another view!

Well I signed up for my first fall race---a 10 K race on The Plaza in Kansas City in September.

Hopefully it will be a cool morning.

We are going out to dinner with friends from Branson---going to Lidia's.  Lidia does a cooking show on TV---yummy food!

Have a nice night!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

bluebonnets, dye pots and trader joe's

Well it has been a fun day---designing patterns---dyeing wool---and planning a trip to trader joe's which opens tomorrow in Kansas City at 8 AM---as much as I would like to be there for the openings, I really don't like crowds so I think I'll plan to wait a few days...although I might break down and brave it later tomorrow.

In preparation for the workshop in San Antonio I designed this new Cupboard design---I called it Texas Hill Country.  Here it is!  If you want to order one for me to bring to the workshop in August just let me know.  They are $22 on linen.  I hope to get a sample hooked before the workshop.  Bluebonnet wool is in the dye pots now.

sorry it is sideways---

Having trouble with the camera and computer tonite so this is the best I can do.

Have a  nice night!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heading back home from the lake

We are heading back home today from the lake.  We had a good time although it was not without some challenges.  It always seems as though there some problems to tackle----this time it had to do with the jet skis...we finally got  them working and enjoyed the ride, especially late Sunday and Monday when most of the people had gone home and we had the lake almost to ourselves.

It wasn't all play---we did wash the trailer yesterday in the morning before it got so hot we had to hang out inside or get in the water to cool off.

I did get 15 paisley pincushions made to take to Texas.  I still have to put them on the clamps.  This is what they will look like.

I also started hooking Acorn Vine, my newest Cupboard pattern.  I plan to work on it in the car on the way home so I'll post a picture when I get home.

This is home at the lake and while I do enjoy coming to the lake I am ready to go home and get my hands in the dye pots even if it 100 +  degrees outside.

I woke up way too early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep...guess I'll drink coffee and hook.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

needed a break---batteries recharging

Okay so I am home---got home last Friday and then went to Manhattan, Ks on Sunday to pick up my dog at my daughters and to help her out with some stuff.  I came home on Monday evening, the 4th and was exhausted.  I went to bed early and didn't even watch any fireworks.

Today I went to Greenwood to my shop and got things straightened up there and taught a class---always fun to see the gals and get caught up.  Tomorrow I am heading to the lake for a few days---seems like I'm never home.  I need to get some hooking things together to do some hooking at the lake.  I have only been to the lake twice this year so I am looking forward to going.  Fred my dog loves to swim in the lake and I'm looking forward to a ride on the jet skis and some fishing.

I promise to get my orders out next week from Caraway.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time making arrangements to go to California for Christmas with my daughter and  her husband at his folks and then to the beach near where they got married and then to Oakland where they now live...this should be a fun trip.  My youngest daughter will get to go as well.  Poor Fred---need to find a dog sitter.  He just doesn't do well at the kennel.   Know any pet sitters???

Okay I can't close this post without a here is one.

This is one of my cupboard designs on display at Caraway---she did a great job!

Vickie hooked this rug in my class year.  She designed this herself---her three dogs.  Be sure to click on the picture to see the textures on the dogs.  Great job Vickie!

Okay---I can go to bed now!