Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cupboard designs

    I get many inquiries about what design I have in my cupboard series so I am going to try to get them posted so I have a place I can send people.  These designs are 6" by 18 " and are hand drawn on primitive linen---they are $22 each.  The original designs were based on painted cupboard designs from the 1800's.  Then I went into some seasonal design by popular request, then I just design new ones when I get requests or inspiration.

So here goes,,,in no particular order.

Blooming Bunny                             Blooming Flag                   Melon Vine


                                 Baa  Baa  Baa            top right   Flock in flowers     bottom right    Eight is enough


                                  Sunny                            Sunflower           Two Hearts

                                               Pumpkin Vine
                                               Old Crow

Sorry they are not upright.

Holly Jolly Snowman    Nick at Night     Christmas Squares


these are some of the original ones

Hannah, Willow, Poppy, Paisley, Tulip

Remember if you click on the picture you can view them larger...

Here is a picture of a finished one in the frame.

I had forgotten that Project Runway was on again and just happened to catch it tonight---I'm going to go finish watching it.



  1. Anita, I love your Cupboard Series. I would like to buy the Blooming Bunny and Pumpkin Vine. Please tell me how to pay for them.

    Anita, I remember the folk art, little girl you have posted - you were hooking her at a Texas Rug Camp and I loved what you were doing with her and I still LOVE your rugs.

    Blessings, Dee Ann Bartrug

  2. Oh they are wonderful! I especially like the pumpkin one!

  3. Dee Ann,

    You can e-mail me at and i'll get your info for the patterns. Thanks!