Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Morning and we finally have cooler weather

 Yeah---I stepped outside and it's a cool morning---it feels great.  The high today is supposed to be 87 degrees.  Yesterday wasn't bad either early.  I took off on my "long run" for the week and told my husband that I would call him for a ride home that I was going to go pick up the trail down through  Corporate Woods and Indian Creek.  I ran for an hour and got turned around as to exactly where I was but gave him the intersection.  I tried to call him back to correct what I had told him but he who never goes without his GPS didn't bring his phone and couldn't find me so I added another 45 minutes of running and walking.

I was afraid that I might be sore today but I actually feel pretty good.  I think I'll give the legs a rest today and run again tomorrow although they are talking rain tomorrow.

I am having home classes today---it will be good to see everyone.

I'm going to look in my old photo files for a picture....hmmmmmmm....

this is a rug that I did many years ago in a class with Ingrid Hieronimous in Texas.  It was adapted from a painting from 1865 by Joseph Whiting Stock.  It was definitely a challenge.  I have it hanging in my dining room.

Such beautiful color---this picture was taken at my daughter Chelsea's wedding in October 2009.

Okay that's it.  It's time another cup of coffee and I need to get things ready for class.  Have a fruitful day.


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  1. Anita:
    I remember you hooking this wonderful rug in Texas. You were hooking/sewing in one strand of boucle at a time for her little lacey collar. I've always thought this was one of your most spectacular pieces. She photographs well...........but she is simply a vision in person.

    Thanks for the memory. This rug is a stunner.